Yoga Diva, Monette Goetinck
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The 93 year old Yoga Diva, Monette Goetinck, was born in Algeria in 1914, when it was still a French colony. Plagued by migraine headaches during her childhood, Monette discovered relief through practicing Hatha Yoga. As the painful migraines quickly diminished, Monette was convinced of yoga's therapeutic benefits and would continue her practice of the ancient technique to this very day, more than 50 years later.

Through actor Ramon Navorro,Monette began working with the Grand Dame of Yoga, Indra Devi,and with her instructed many of Hollywood's famous stars. Some of her students included Marilyn Monroe, Robert Ryan, Ruth St. Denis, Gloria Swanson, Susan Ball and many more who were devoted to the Hatha practice.

Monette has been an instructor of Yoga for nearly five decades. Her distinctively personal approach to this ancient science has taught countless students the beneficial connection of the physical body and the spiritual mind, relaxation, meditation, and the practice of deep rhythmic breathing. Practiced regularly, Yoga results in increased health and overall well-being.

Monette continues to teach Yoga to not only the entertainment industry's most illustrious players and people from all walks of life in her modest studio in Los Angeles. Monette's School of Yoga, has been the subject of many published articles about yoga.

Monette has written over 8 books, countless books of poetry, short stories, several children's books and a stage play. Bottled Dreams, her first published book, was released in Summer '99 and is distributed by Abbott/Adele Books. Many are sure to follow.

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