Monette Goetinck's Hatha and Raja Yoga Video Series is a unique video program made for yoga enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Monette's spiritual and comprehensive instruction inspires a visual style as lyrical and unique as Monette herself.

Monette's distinctively personal approach to this ancient science has taught countless students the beneficial connection of the physical body and the spiritual mind, relaxation, meditation, and the practice of deep rhythmic breathing. Practiced regularly, Yoga results in increased health and overall well-being.

This video series exemplifies and encapsulates Monette's traditional approach to yoga. The series includes easy to follow examples by several of Monette's students. Artist Silvia Pompei has crafted beautifully fluid animations of the animals represented in Hatha Yoga to introduce each segment. The stork, cat, cobra, to name only a few, illustrate the proper posture of each asana.

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